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Crowdfunding as a way to support sustainable development

By Lennie Marie Olsen

Did you know that entrepreneurs, minor companies, platform owners, and individuals can support sustainable development by using crowdfunding?

Both among our customers and other crowdfunding platforms, the focus on sustainability has been on the rise in the last few years. For example,
Coop Crowdfunding launched a workshop program where they teach small businesses how to become more sustainable and allow them to use their crowdfunding platform to reach their sustainability goals.

Crowdton also has a strong focus on sustainability by offering all Danes an opportunity to invest in sustainable energy projects. Finally, we helped
IDA Crowdfunding launch their platform in early 2020 with a main focus on sustainable projects.

To us, there are a lot of reasons to use crowdfunding to impact sustainable development. Mostly because it gives all parties – project owner,
platform owner, and the crowd– a possibility to contribute to and push the sustainable transition.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Entrepreneurs can contribute to sustainable development by using crowdfunding as a method to fund sustainable projects or products, as well as to connect and communicate directly with the consumers.

In other words; entrepreneurs and small companies can use crowdfunding to affect the sustainable transition by launching new products while increasing sustainable awareness among the crowd.

Platform owners

Platform owners (companies who have a crowdfunding platform), can affect the sustainable transition by facilitating the possibility for sustainable projects and products to be launched.

Besides, platform owners can create awareness about new tendencies and products among their existing crowd (e.g. customers, users, or consumers) by arranging theme weeks, marketing sustainable projects, using specific tags, or even supporting sustainable projects themselves.


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Consumers, users, or customers (the crowd)

Through crowdfunding, the crowd can collectively contribute to sustainability by choosing to fund sustainable projects and to spread awareness about them through social media.

Overall, crowdfunding provides all parties the chance to cooperate in the creation of a more sustainable future and to speed up the transitioning process.

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