Smallbrooks – How it works

How the Smallbrooks solution works

You think it, we build it. Get a tailored crowdfunding platform. Your look, your functionality, our technology.

What we offer

Crowdfunding software as a service

A Smallbrooks crowdfunding platform is built by connecting a customised
front-end client to our core crowdfunding service.

Instead of spending resources on building your platform from scratch, let us build it for you. Then you can spend your time on finding great projects.

We support all crowdfunding types; loan, reward, equity and donation.

Get your own crowdfunding platform

Create a platform

Easily create your own crowdfunding platform according to your needs.

Find projects

Find great projects to launch the platform and get the best start. 

Engage your crowd

Build a community around your crowdfunding platform. 

Need an intro to crowdfunding?

Check out our definitive guide and get a crash course in the fundamentals. 

Crowdfunding platform software guide cover
Everything under one roof

A crowdfunding platform with tailored functionality

Extensive payment options

Payments with bank transfers, credit/debit cards, mobile or other payment providers.

Integrated analytics

Integrated analytics system and support for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and more.

Convenient modules

Blog, FAQ, and polls to crowdsource and share content.

Transparent data trail

Records of all actions on the platform to document activity, e.g. in case of fraud.

Flexible frontend

Tailor-made frontend with visual design and user journeys adapted to your specific crowd.


Set up auto-investors to invest based on criterias defined by the platform.

Get started with your own crowdfunding platform.