Engage and empower your crowd

Create a new digital experience.
We build crowdfunding platforms tailored to the exact needs of your business or organisation.


What can Smallbrooks do for my organisation?

Build a community

Create a powerful,
digital experience

A crowdfunding platform engages your customers in a digital experience that gives agency to the individual and creates a foundation for collaboration and innovation.

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Increase awareness

Reach your audience by enabling them

Amplify the voice of your brand. Gain exposure through user-generated projects that exponentially enhance your presence in the digital space.

Create Profit

Grow a new source of revenue

Set your own fees and benefit from an entire new business model that provides an additonal revenue channel for your business or organisation.

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Get inspired

Explore how Smallbrooks has helped companies create their own crowdfunding experience

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Introduction to crowdfunding

New to crowdfunding? Explore our in-depth guide about crowdfunding and crowdfunding platforms. Everything you need to know in one place.

Discover your solution

Want to explore how a crowdfunding platform can benefit your business or organisation? Find the solution for your sector.

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More than a software solution

Your crowdfunding partner from start to finish

As well as building the crowdfunding platform software itself, we will guide you every step of the way in making it successful.

From defining the project, to development and launch, our team of experts will assist you with technical specs, project management, best practice, as well as marketing advice for promoting your platform.

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