Everything in one package

We create crowdfunding solutions tailored to your exact needs. The core functionality of our service can be customised with the features that suit your business or organisation. This way, your platform becomes exactly that: yours.


Integrated analytics

Integrated analytics system and support for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and more.

Extensive payment options

Payments with bank transfers, credit/debit cards, mobile or other payment providers.

Convenient modules

Blog, FAQ and polls to crowdsource and share content.

Excellent data integration

Live data export of all platform data.

Transparent data trail

Records of all actions on the platform to document activity, e.g. in case of fraud.

Track and manage defaults

Tools for tracking guarantees, guarantors and defaults and to estimate losses.

Safe communication

Message system to support communication without sharing personal data.

Granular permissions

Access management to allow specific individuals access to parts of a project.

Flexible funding timeline and pledges

Add minimum funding deadline, series of investments or allow partial pledges.

Detailed email settings

Wide range of options for when to get notifications.


Set up auto-investors to invest based on criteria defined by the platform.

Custom fields for projects

Custom data structured to store, structure and present additional information.

Plug and play KYC

Manual validations or integration with third party solutions.

Secondary market

Secondary market to allow share trading directly on the platform.

Custom statistics jobs

Write your own statistics job and visualise the results to users or admins.

Flexible frontend

Tailor-made frontend with visual design and user journeys adapted to your specifigc crowd.

Easy document management

Associate documents with objects or purposes in order to restrict access to relevant stakeholders.

Custom logic based on external events

Integration of events from third-party sources directly into the platform.

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Introduction to crowdfunding software

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