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Simple crowdfunding

- the easy way for organisations to run a crowdfunding platform on their own

By Lennie Marie Olsen

The Danish crowdfunding pool

In the fall of 2020, the Danish Business Authority launched the “Crowdfunding Pool” – a pool of public money intended to increase the presence and knowledge of reward crowdfunding in Denmark. 

The Corona crisis helped prove the effectiveness of crowdfunding, as it allowed the Danish people to support businesses who were hit hard by lockdowns and restrictions. 

On Coop Crowdfunding, for example, the platform was opened up for food producers to sell their products for free via special types of reward projects. 

This especially
helped food producers without their own webshop who usually sell to restaurants, bars and cafeterias, as they became able to sell their stock of perishable products that they suddenly couldn’t sell to their regular customers.

Different towns and cities also created crowdfunding platforms
to support their local businesses – with great success (E.I. Crowdfunding Aarhus, Mayor of London)

We of course applied for the crowdfunding pool and are excited to announce that our application got accepted by the Danish Business Authorities.

Among our other projects in 2021 we will therefore be building a simple crowdfunding solution with fixed layout, user journey and functionality, allowing platform owners to get started on their own platform with just a few clicks of a button. 

The simple crowdfunding (white-label) solution

The simple crowdfunding solution – which is a true whitelabel product – has been on our wish list for some time. 

In the past few years (and this year in particular) we have received several requests for a simple crowdfunding platform: A platform that would be quick to set up, had basic crowdfunding functionality, would use our license and terms, and (possibly) would only be accessible for a short period of time. 

This has not been possible before, as our Smallbrooks solution is built around a common crowdfunding engine with separate databases and HTML clients.

Each platform we’ve launched has therefore had a website that has been built from scratch, with flexible user journeys and different terms and conditions for all platforms. This allowed for both flexibility and speed compared to our customers building their own crowdfunding functionality, but it is still a pretty big undertaking to get your very own platform. 

Getting a temporary platform quickly to e.g. offer crowdfunding during the corona crisis or to offer crowdfunding projects related to a specific event has therefore not been possible – until now.

With our new solution Smallbrooks will handle all formalities in terms of managing terms and conditions, payments etc., and all “simple” platforms will have the same general layout and the same basic crowdfunding functionality. The new platform owners will therefore only have to focus on getting new projects and helping them get funded rather than focus on regulations etc

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