Grocery retail crowdfunding

Let consumers support the products
they love

Create a crowdfunding platform and enable users to invest in the food initiatives that they believe in.


Retail grocery crowdfunding made easy

Create a crowdfunding community with an easy-to-use custom platform that benefits consumers and suppliers alike.  

Grocery crowdfunding platform

Custom front-end design

Build your platform your way. All colors, fonts and content is created in accordance with your brand guidelines. 

Users, projects, and payments

The platform handles transactions, project management and user validations and details.

Extensive back-office

Easily track all projects, organise content and manage accounts in the extensive admin client. 

Get your own crowdfunding platform

Enable suppliers

Provide new food initiatives with the means to bring their idea to your shelves.

Empower consumers

Let shoppers decide what products they want to see in their local supermarket.  

Coop Crowdfunding: Local shoppers support early stage food initiatives

Coop is Denmark’s largest retailer with over 1,200 stores and 1.7 million members. Their platform, Coop Crowdfunding, allows food producers to get funding for their projects.

Why start a crowdfunding platform?

Enpower both consumers and suppliers

Crowdfunding is more than funding. It's a way to connect the consumer directly to the food initiatives they want to see.

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Let shoppers find and support the projects that resonate with them.



See what projects consumers support and discover new trends.



Become the facilitator of a new community and strengthen your brand position.



Allow consumers insight into how products are created and delivered.


Find suppliers

Let early stage food initiatives come to to you. Discover the best and brightest ideas and help realise them.



Create a new way for consumers to interact directly with suppliers and enable new connections.

Free guide to grocery retail crowdfunding

Civic crowdfunding guide download


Smallbrooks is a software-as-a-service solution to create crowdfunding platforms based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Our product makes it possible for any organisation to easily get their own crowdfunding community where people with ideas can be connected with people willing to fund them. In this way organisations get a unique way of engaging their customers, and the users of the platform get access to an exciting community, unique products and a rapidly growing way of funding their ideas. It’s a win-win.

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The Smallbrooks crowdfunding platform software is built by connecting a customised website to our core crowdfunding service.

This means that our “crowdfunding engine” in the cloud contains all the functionality you need for your crowdfunding platform, whereas the website itself, which is created specifically for you, contains the look, feel and configuration that you choose.

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Send an email to or use our form to get in touch with our team and schedule a meeting.

We have an initial meeting to get a full understanding of your needs and to formalise the requirements. Based on that information, we will create a proposal with details about the timeline and cost.

When everything is approved and a contract has been signed, we will structure the development phase in bi-weekly sprints. Together, we create the content and build the platform while continuously staying in touch and making sure that everything lives up to your expectations. 

Although we are quite familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding crowdfunding, our strongest area is software expertise. There are many sector- and country-specific rules, and we cannot be an expert in all of them. We therefore recommend that you seek legal advice before launching your crowdfunding platform.

The Smallbrooks team are proven experts in the creation of crowdfunding platforms. Our platforms are:

Safe and robust: The underlying software has been thoroughly tested and has been running for years without any breakdowns, miscalculations, security breaches or data leaks.

Fully flexible: The platform can be completely adjusted to your needs and your design. This includes integrating with your existing systems or third-parties such as providers of KYC or credit scoring services.

Scalable: The platform lives in the cloud and has scalability worked into its core design. Whether you have a hundred or a million users makes no difference.


We want to be your partner on this journey, and that is reflected in the price model. The more you succeed, the more we will earn. We do this by using the following price model:

  • Start up fee: This is a one-time fee to cover the costs of development. The price depends on the scope of your new platform.
  • Subscription fee: You pay a monthly fixed fee
  • Success fee: We take a percentage of all successfully funded projects. If you don’t have any projects or none of them succeed, we don’t charge any success fee.

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